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Match Reports

1stXV away vs Old Colstonians at BS16 1BJ

Sat 01-Sep-2018

OC's win

National Cup's gone for another year

The starting line up for this game was:

1)  Eddie Ranson

2)  Ben Brace

3)  Dan Swain

4)  Will Moreland

5)  Josh Fitzgerald

6)  Evan Jones

7)  Dave Tonka

8)  Matty Peters

9)  George Taylor

10)  Joe Carolan

11)  Sam Verralls

12)  Paul Baker

13)  Will Cutler

14)  Tom Kenwright

15)  Kieran Matty

A really tough day for the lads against a decent Old Colstonians outfit who, after a strong showing last season, I'm sure will be pressing for promotion again into Gloucester Prem.  The game started fairly evenly matched with both sides attacking with promise and having opportunities to score.  Even some of the Bredon players were probably slightly surprised themselves at how the game was going with some decent ball carrying in midfield from Paul Baker testing the OC's defence.  Even when the ball wasn't in hand, Bredon looked strong with Matty Peters and Dave Tonka seemingly everywhere around the park, making tackles and producing turnovers.  This strong early work by the whole team was to prove in vain by the closing stages.

The first real opportunity for Bredon to get on the scoresheet fell to left winger Sam Verralls who intercepted another wide OC's pass with clear space to run.  He made a valiant effort, with a damaged quad, to run the length but didn't quite have the pace to get there and once tackled in the 22, he tried to offload which didn't quite go to hand and the attack was snubbed out.  The next few minutes were again fairly tit for tat until OC's had an opportunity to build some pressure in the bottom left corner of the field.  A couple of line outs and an unfortunate sliced kick from Bredon's defence gave OC's the chance to capitalise which they did from the resulting scrum where they got the nudge on allowing their 8 to pick up and score.  Great start to the game from both sides.

The next important incident in the game proved to be a major factor in the final score.  Carolan spotted some space in behind the OC's right winger and an opportunity for the cross-field kick for Verralls.  Verralls collected the cross field kick just ahead of the OC's winger but then disaster struck as a completely inoccuous tackle resulted in an ankle ligament injury for the Bredon winger and without and replacements, Bredon were down to 14 men after around 30mins.  This proved to be a crucial moment in the game and OC's saw their chance to turn the screw.  A couple of quick scores before half-time by the OC's left winger and then the openside flanker saw the half-time score at 17-0 to the home side.

OC's clearly had a good chat at half-time about where their real opportunities to score lay and spreading the ball wide was the aim of the game which they did very well for the entire 40mins.  Good speed of ball and great handling coupled with some powerful runs from the back-row in midfield to commit Bredon defenders meant Bredon were always struggling to cover all the gaps and OC's ran in a number of great tries, more as the half went on.

Despite the result all players came off the field with heads held high and the realisation that going to a strong OC's with a bare 15 players was never really going to produce the result we wanted.  The defensive work in midfield was strong throughout and, for the majority of the game, OC's weren't busting through the middle of the park but using the space out wide presented to them by a lack of a left winger.  OC's fully deserved their result on the day but it's always a great game against a decent bunch of lads and we look forward to the #novemberrematch at Bredon.


Joe Carolan x 1



Joe Carolan x 1


MoM - Dave Tonka

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