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Match Reports

U12 away vs Dursley

Sun 14-Jan-2018


More Tea Vicar?

Devastation at Dursley.

The build up to the county cup encounter with Dursley included instructions numerous preparatory emails, encouraging parents to gird their loins for the anticipated tough encounter with the Dursley Devils. We were instructed to arrive by 10.00 at the latest. Any ungirded loins would then be addressed before a brief warm up and a prompt 10.30 kick off. Not only were our watches synchronised but Bredon under 12’s were to be refereed by an officially appointed neutral referee.

Once again the dream of taking it “Easy like Sunday Morning” was unforthcoming. At a frustratingly early hour I duly dragged myself from my pit, negotiated ablutions & bundled the monkey into the car. I was sufficiently conscious enough to enjoy the unheralded monotonous delights of the M5 in typically grim January weather before junction 14 ushered us towards our final destination. We arrived in convoy with fellow bleary-eyed diehards at 09.45. I was directed to park in the largest muddle puddle in the middle of the half empty car park of the car park. We ascended the short ramp to the elevated pitches and anticipated the normal freezing of extremities. I noted the new seating arrangement on the far side of the pitch. Sergei’s construction franchise had installed the ‘state of the art’, air-conditioned, environmentally friendly, organic 21st century grandstand. It may have looked like a series of benches on a grass bank but now you know.

 I did manage to escape to the clubhouse to sample the coffee and bacon baps. The refreshments were necessary to insulate against the weather yet were sadly uninspired.

I made it back to pitchside at 10.28 and was unsurprised that there was no indication of the commencement of proceedings. The independent referee was apparently still somewhere warm and cosy, and the replacement official seemed to be on first name terms with the home players & officials.

Play eventually started around 20 minutes later. I had no feeling in my fingers or toes. Sharon’s thermal Yak-wear kept her warm as toast.

The first 90 seconds saw Bredon move the ball & recycle it three times before the home defence forced an error. After that, it was pretty much a horror show for Bredon players and supporters . Bredon failed to operate as a team and displayed little or no defensive cohesion. The home side were bigger, stronger and better disciplined. Dursley executed their basic skills well and as the tries rained in, Bredon disintegrated.

The referee blew to end the carnage early, after Dursley ran in their 20th try. The coaches rotated the full squad of players and Dursley changed their entire side at half time but the only success Bredon enjoyed was a solitary scrambled score from Henry.

We can only hope the boys learn from this chastening experience and bounce back stronger.

The Monkey and I returned in virtual silence to the car and failed to negotiate the muddy puddle before strapping ourselves in for the hot debrief on the homeward journey. I decided that it was probably best to gloss over the morning massacre & opted for motivation via MacDonald’s.

We spent the afternoon walking the dog and having tea with the vicar. Spiritual guidance, insight and cakes were gratefully accepted in equal measure, but it seems that Divine Intervention is unlikely without a lot more effort, application & teamwork. We’re all praying for a better performance at Cheltenham next Sunday.

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