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Match Reports

U13 away vs Old Richians

Sun 17-Mar-2019

Two Wins (in) Town

Star's Sunday Slam

Bredon v Old Richians

Won 6-0

Bredon v Chosen Hill

Won 2-1

 Sunday 17th March 2019

After midday on Saturday I shut myself away, nervously anticipating the dramatic culmination of the Six Nations. As it transpired Italy snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against the frustrating, mis-firing French. Wales achieved greatness sealing Grand Slam Glory with a dominant display, whilst the Irish were left in a stew. And finally, at Twickenham it was the archetypal game of two halves as a rampant England so nearly suffered a Calcutta Cup Calamity. Scotland’s brave warriors almost fashioned the greatest comeback since Rocky 2 (or was it 3??) only to have the glory snatched from them in the dying seconds. Exhausted, exuberant and a tad tiddly (brandy chasers not recommended for future reference) I drifted off from and into dreamland.

So, after a week of sporting excess St Patrick’s Day arrived. The Irish, no doubt imploring their Patron to reverse their fortunes, had disappeared, along with the Cheltenham Festival (& my cast iron wager on a “dead cert” in the Champion Hurdle).

Remarkably fresh for a Sunday, I hoped the sporting superlatives would continue as Bredon under 13’s travelled to face two Gloucester opponents.

Old Richians (I believe that I have covered the club history in a previous report) has a ground located within a maze of ambiguously named streets. On the outskirts of Gloucester we drove into and around Meadowleaze, Fieldleaze, Acreleaze, Forget-me-not-Leaze, carefully circumnavigated S’Leaze and F’Leaze before asking for directions in PeeLeaze. More by luck than judgement we arrived at the entrance to the club. Throngs of parents were already parking their vehicles on adjacent verges and kerbsides. Fearing a chaotic car park I did likewise. I congratulated myself as a slalomed through the numerous vehicles belonging to those naiive early arrivals. I understand that the Fiat Aygo, with the perplexed driver crying hysterically, is still sandwiched between the refuse bins and a 1972 Ford Cortina.

Having over exercised my vocal chords over the course of Saturday’s entertainment I hoped that I could refrain from any side line encouragement on Sunday morning. Before proceedings began I sought out refreshments & was drawn into a generously proportioned clubhouse by the delicious aroma of bacon. Our regular scorer, Sharon, was otherwise engaged so sent along her man-slave Dave to do her bidding. Dave was clearly not well & illustrated this by revealing his blotchy, blue bruised buttocks. He cheered up a bit when I got him a bacon bap & beverage. Nice baps, well filled. I was surprised they were not drawing more of a crowd.

We made our way to the pitch only to be mis-directed to the furthest corner of the adjacent school playing fields. Mercifully, we were recalled before we had ventured out of sight. We had 13 players this week. Unfortunately, Jack was delayed due to his father’s confusion over European time zones during the extended Brexit period in addition to the traffic carnage. Jack arrived fashionably late just in time to start the game against Chosen Hill. Urged by the coaches to join the boys as quickly as possible, he shrugged a typically insouciant French shrug, extinguished his smouldering Gitanes, took a swig of Calvados and sauntered onto the field.

 The home side looked several sizes larger than Bredon as the coaches negotiated terms of play & loan agreements. The mini tournament meant that each team would play one 20 minute period against each of the others. Chosen Hill graciously loaned a player for the first game.

Richians kicked off straight into the waiting arms of Ollie, who sprinted away through the Swiss Cheese home defence to score the first of his 2 tries. James also notched a brace with some determined charges. Both Ollie & James caused havoc in the home defence throughout the contest. Further tries from the guest player and Josh gave Bredon a comfortable 6-0 victory. During the game we all endured hail, wind, sleet before some respite and bright sunshine. The fragmented game reflected the changeable conditions. Our new special correspondent and parent-pundit is Rachel – Ollie’s mum. Throughout the rest of the season we will be asking Rachel for her non-expert opinion. Indeed, her initial observation that the game appeared disjointed & scrappy was pretty much spot on. She will soon be quizzed about the wisdom of Yak Hair Underwear, Yak-Fat (the miracle product), car parking, refreshments & Steve’s knees.

The second contest proved to be a more even contest, punctuated by handling errors, injuries and two more sparkling tries for Ollie. Hopefully the injuries to Denby (game 1), Benny, Alfie & Harry weren’t too serious. Thanks must go out to Chosen Hill & Old Richians who loaned us several players (who all performed superbly) over the course of the two games.

The boys competed well and deserved the wins. Sam should be singled out for his tackling & Benny also impressed in defence until he came off injured. If the boys can work more as a team rather than in ones and two’s the future looks grand (slam). I managed to restrict my gentle calls of encouragement but failed to remain silent. No-one appeared to take much notice, as usual.

Leaving the hosts & Chosen Hill to contest the final game we adjourned to the clubhouse where post-match sausage & chips were speedily devoured with ketchup & muddy fingers. The early finish enabled us to get home in plenty of time to contemplate the wonderful weekend of rugby and the challenges ahead.

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