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U13 away vs Cirencester

Sun 14-Oct-2018

Narrow defeat in the game of two thirds

You Can't Polish a Third

You Can’t Polish a Third!

Sunday morning saw a skeleton Under 13’s squad travel to Cirencester for the second match of their season. Alas, your correspondent was otherwise engaged & therefore the following report may resemble an address by President Trump, lacking evidence and facts but hopefully satisfying his stalwart supporters.

Early arrivals were welcomed with adequate parking close to the clubhouse. The weather had adopted a more familiar face with wind and rain making playing conditions difficult for both sides. Green wellies & Barbour jackets were obviously the order of the day for those loyal parents watching. I am sure that the refreshments were available from cheerful ladies who tempted their customers with steaming hot beverages and ample baps. However, perhaps due to the inclement weather, I am not aware if anyone tested the temptresses treats.

The spectators squelched over to the pitch, inevitably the furthest from the warm, dry clubhouse. Sharon’s umbrella was put to good use, and her Yak hair thermals & hat ensured she was undisturbed by the maelstrom around her. Others were less fortunate and cut miserable, cold & sodden figures as they counted down the seconds to the final whistle.

While temperatures plummeted from the mid 20’s of midweek to near single figures the coaches hoped that the players would raise the temperature with an inspired performance.

The hosts had a squad of 30 plus including several hefty youths – probably of farming stock – who were to employ some ploughing of their own during the game.

In a modern twist, the game was split into thirds of probably 20 minutes each. This gave Cirencester the opportunity to field their entire squad, and Bredon all 14 of their players.

The quirkily nicknamed Bredon Mountain Goats were rocked from the start and torn apart by the Cirencester Mountain Pumas. Due to limited resources the players had to line up in unfamiliar positions. Defences frailties were exposed & it was probably only the difficult handling conditions that saved the Mountain Goats from conceding more than 5 tries in the first third. Denby was again forced to leave the field after a minute or so to add to their woes.

Steve offered some words of advice at the break – telling the boys it was now a game of two thirds and to generally buck up their ideas.

In response, against a totally new Cirencester line up, Bredon managed to pull back two scores. These may well have been the result of astute tactical kicks behind the advancing defence. Our designated try scorers for the season, James & Jamie were the scorers. Cirencester were limited to just 3 more scores over the final 2 thirds due to a much-improved performance from the boys. Benny was forced off with an injury before the end & the home side generously allowed one of their squad to guest to keep the contest even.

Number 1’s were the order of the day after the game – some of the boys even showered before changing. The team and followers were left to ponder what might have been over their chicken curry and rice, regretting another disastrous start &  questioning the value of adopting the Swiss Cheese defensive structure.

When I arrived home I had already been appraised of proceedings by an unreliable source. I was none the wiser after partially debriefing the Monkey. I commented that if it was as difficult to get round him as it was to lever him off his backside away from the X-Box for 2 minutes, we could have a watertight defence. I was just about to tell him to take a more professional, serious, dedicated attitude to the game when we saw Freddie Burns’ calamitous gaff on the TV.

We looked at each other & agreed – it wasn’t that bad.

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