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U13 away vs Old Pats

Sun 07-Oct-2018

Silver medal

Mountain Goats Still Finding Their Feet.

Match Report

Bredon Under 13’s v Old Pats.

Result: Lost 2-7.

Mountain Goats Still Finding Their Feet.

The Under 13’s kicked off their season on a perfect Autumnal morning in Cheltenham Spa on Sunday.  

We arrived fashionably early to ensure a parking space at the nearby college car park. After the short hike to the pitches I scanned the horizon for refreshments. Alas, the cabin was too distant for me to venture further afield. There was not a bap nor a beverage to behold.

The Old Pats enjoy a plethora of players at U13 level – with three mixed ability teams playing each week. As the fields filled up with players coaches and parents galore we watched the Bredon squad’s unconventional warm up, as oblivious to the growing tension around them, they chased an oversized beach ball around before belly flopping onto & bouncing off the enormous sphere. Amidst the merriment we waited for the start of the season with nervous anticipation.  

The somewhat challenging pre-season fitness targets had been missed and technical instruction stored in the left luggage section of the boys’ brains as they eventually entered game mode. There was no Abracadabra to bring a little magic, no Monkey to cause mischief and no Bulley to boss the opposition.

The rebranded Bredon Mountain Goats faced an uphill challenge from the beginning & were soon clinging on for dear life as the home side dominated possession and territory for the entirety of the first half.

Pats ran through some weak tackles to score a couple of tries and only some desperate scrambling defence kept the home side from running away with things. Bredon struggled for possession and only made it into the opposition half on two or three occasions. Unfortunately, on one of those occasions Pats exploited Bredon’s lack of organisation and ran the length of the field for a spectacular score.

At half time Bredon trailed 4-0 and looked a beaten side. Bumps and bruises accounted for Jimmy, Seb and Denby well before the final whistle. Playing up the slope & with Pats introducing half a dozen subs with fresh legs we feared the worst.

Despite conceding an early score Bredon produced a much-improved display in the second period. Ben Powell & Ben Witt were powerful in the tight exchanges & Beaudon looked promising while making several powerful runs on his debut. All the forwards competed well at the breakdown. The new half back combo of Henry and Euan were a constant nuisance, breaking up numerous opposition attacks and sparking some encouraging attacking play of their own.

Those lucky souls who packed down discovered the wonderful new world of scrummaging & came through relatively unscathed. Sean seemed to have rediscovered his mojo & Harry was his usual tenacious self, but will find stealing opposition scrum ball more difficult when the pressure comes on, literally.

Along with Henry, Josh worked hard in midfield defence to snuff out the host’s advances. He didn’t get much chance to run with ball in hand but passed the ball really well & unselfishly.

Pats were relentless and were 7-0 up before Jamie was put clear by some good midfield passing & rode a tackle to open Bredon’s account for the season. Soon afterwards, James underlined his impressive performance by carrying 3 or 4 of the home side over the line to score a try that was all about hard work and determination.

All in all a game that could sum up the challenges ahead this season.

We have limited resources and have to make the most of them.

We need to improve our basic skills, game awareness, communication & structure to eliminate gifting the opposition scores.

We have to play as a team & not be just a collection of individuals.

Hard work, courage and determination will be rewarded with results.


We are all looking forward to the inclement weather ahead. We will no doubt hear of Sergei’s latest adventures, purchase the latest Yak products and be told tall tales of Sharon’s undergarments.

 The cold, wind and rain will be upon us before we know it. Opposition clubs will dispatch us to the furthest corner of their muddy pitches, bleak and exposed to the elements. We will be desperate for hot beverages, shelter, and bountiful baps. We will nurse the injured bodies and bruised egos of our offspring & pass on words of great wisdom that they will instantly forget until we repeat it next week. We will laugh & cry and scream and share the pride, pain and frustration that the rugby season brings. That is our prize and our burden to carry. I find it easier to digest after a hearty dinner & a decent bottle of red. See you all next week.




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