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Match Reports

U12 away vs St Brendans Old Boys

Sun 10-Dec-2017


Devastation #2

I missed this one - work committments. I did text a trusted associate mid morning to see how the boys were doing. "Like Dursley but worse" came the reply.

Fortunately none of the boys have suffered any permanent physical damage from the mauling but if they could spell PTSD I reckon half of them would probably claim it.

There may be many excuses: insufficient jaffa cake intake; Yak hair allergies; put off rugby for life due to Scottish ancestry: sleepless night listening to my parents toilet bowl yodelling after one or two celebratory drinks after the English / Welsh results. 

Unfortunately you can't coach courage, determination, resiliance, hard work etc. That comes from within. Some of the boys will find it sooner than others & whether or not they continue to play the game in later life they are qualities that will endure.

There was a song in the 80's with the line "getting beaten up is part of growing up". Well all the boys have grown up a bit over the last couple of games, we could do with a couple of wins to check the growth spurt for now.

Congrats to St Brendans - sounds a bit like a dodgy hairdresser but I understand that our visitors were much hungrier for the ball and played some nice rugby.

On the bright side I heard that the baps were lovely and the car parking was beautifully done.


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